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See the satellites today!

Today (May 16)  from the launch pad SLC-40 (USA, Florida, Cape Canaveral), the Falcon 9 launch vehicle was successfully launched with another batch of 52 Starlink communication satellites. For several days after launch, satellites fly in the same orbit being very close to each other. The maximum brightness of the satellites is about + 1…2 stars. led. (like the stars of the Ursula Major).

They will be visible today over Bratislava. Once from 21.53 to 22.06, the second time from 23.33 to 23.40. They will fly from southwest and west to east.

These satellites are part of the Starlink project. The goal of the project is to provide the entire Earth with Internet.
To get access to internet on the land, users will require a terminal the size of a pizza box.

Tell us if you see them!

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