“How Much Money is on Earth?” and other research questions

This research question is courtesy of our Year 3’s Danylo. The answer he found is: 37.474 trillion US dollars.

Other questions and answers emailed to me for ICT class were:

“How many years can a tree live for?” – Lea. Answer = 2,000 years (!)

“How many metres is the planet?” – Ali. Answer = 40.075 million metres (circumference)

“How many years can an anaconda live?” – Iryna. Answer = 30 years

“How many kilometers between earth and the moon?” – Ivan. Answer = 384,400 km

“How many animals on earth?” – Danny. Answer = 2.16 million (species)

The purpose of this topic is to allow the students some independence in their learning, while also practicing their computer skills.

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