Science experiment elective: doing it my own way.

Benjamin Franklin once famously said: ‘Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.’ 

The Science experiment elective has that famous quote as its basic premise behind introducing any topic. Whether it be different states of matter or whether we are studying the make up of different colors, one thing holds true: that the student MUST be allowed to learn by being involved. Therefore, the experiments always allow for changes to be made, guided by the student’s own interest. 

Often as adults, we make the mistake of imagining an end product that we try to obtain from our students and their learning process. However, each of us is limited to imagining just the result that we can imagine ourselves. Therefore, we simply cannot expect the same result from anyone else. As adults, we need to let go of our idea of the ‘perfect’ ending, and allow the student to discover their own perfect ending, their own truth. Their own way. 

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