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Year 6 SPACE UNIT- (Out of this world- What’s out there?)

Year 6 students spent seven weeks using the theme, “OUT OF THIS WORLD- What’s out there?” to inquire about Space and the feasibility of living on another planet. 

SCENARIO: Earth had become uninhabitable, so a crew of 30 were tasked with the mission of finding a new home on another planet to ensure the survival of the species. 

Year 6 had to conduct research about: a new exoplanet (a new home); consider the “science and math” of how they will get there; the type of technology needed for their spacecraft; how will a crew of 30 survive in space for 5 years by meeting the basic requirements of food, water and oxygen; the roles of various people on board the spacecraft; challenges that may be encountered and what about the new planet is similar and different to Earth- hence, inhabitable. 

We created our own planets during our Art lessons with Ms. Jana.

Students also had to give evidence of the learning process: the transdisciplinary nature of their inquiries, the ATL skills they were demonstrating; their links to any of the core values (Courage, Wisdom, Integrity, Compassion, Responsibility and Hope) and connections to the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. They were also given the challenge of an ACTION component (how can they use what they have learnt to be inspired to take ACTION as local and global citizens) 

Making connection to the GLOBAL GOALS for Sustainable Development
Having fun making parachutes and learning about gravity.

The presentation skills of the students were also assessed. They created Google Slides as a visual stimulus during their oral presentations. (Unfortunately the video file of 20 minutes were too large to upload on this platform!)

All in all, a very impressive summative assessment to end the this engaging unit of inquiry. Well done to everyone for all their fantastic work. 


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