Designing costumes and habitats: Reptiles

Group 4, consisting of Petko and Nino, embarked on a joint venture to create snake costumes, each with their own unique twist. Nino was drawn to the distinctive shape of a cobra’s head, while Petko was captivated by the sheer size and strength of the anaconda.

Working in harmony, they pooled resources and shared a mermaid costume, ingeniously repurposing different parts for their snake ensembles. Recognizing the resemblance between snake scales and those of a mermaid’s tail, they found the perfect fabric for their costumes. Nino ingeniously used the tail of the mermaid costume to craft the head of his cobra, finding similarity in their shapes, while Petko utilized the body of the mermaid tail to fashion the body of the anaconda. Wanting to transform the yellow hue of the mermaid costume into a more fitting green for his snake, Petko recalled their color wheel project and experimented by adding blue paint to achieve the desired shade.

For their habitat, they opted for a desert setting, a natural habitat for many snakes. Adding rocks, cacti, and even couscous to replicate the sandy texture, they recreated a realistic environment.

Their collaboration and diligent effort were evident in the final project results, showcasing their creativity and teamwork in crafting imaginative snake costumes and habitats.

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