Pishchulina (Y3) shocks at local competition.

Amelia Pishchulina (Year3), 3-time Slovak champion at her age group in Rhythmic Gymnastics, has had a turbulent year.  Without being settled in a Club to call her own to start the season and pulled into the center of controversy among Modern Gymnastics throughout Bratislava, her first outing this competition season was less than stellar. 

With so many coaches and athletes watching her every move, so many cameras focused to merely point out her faults, it was a lot for an 8-year old and the pressure seemed to affect her. 

This past weekend, with expectations lowered and attention drawn to others, it was a chance for her to breathe, the freedom to take risks, not fearing the retribution of mistakes, and a good time to try new things.  In her first ever competition including rope, Amelia did more than overcome new season jitters, did more than make up for her botched previous performance, she wowed the crowd in one of the best routines of all age groups on the day.

 It’s still early, and she re-set the bar to greater heights.  Excited to see how she progresses the rest of the season and even more, what her  competition does to keep up.

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