What is a good essay?

Essay writing skills are important in many different classes taken by the students. The most important first activity is to find out about the topic of the essay and the type of essay which will be written. In the case of a descriptive essay, the students can write a description of the topic, subject, or event. A descriptiptive essay starts with the description of the topic of the essay which will be followed by the events or description of the characteristics of the topic. An example is to write an essay about the start and end of a conflict or war. If the essay is related to an argument about a certain statement, then it is important to write the arguments in favor or against the argument in question (argumentative essay) . A choice must be made before the writing process whether the essay is supporting or rejecting the main argument which can be formulated as the thesis statement of the essay. If arguments supporting the thesis statement will be chosen, the counter arguments must be deconstructed in the body pargraphs. The conclusion will be be based on the summary of the essay in which the arguments supporting the thesis statement is summarized.

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