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Studying vs. learning

There is a fundamental difference between studying and learning in the field of language learning. Being able to speak a language is a skill. A skill is something that is achieved over time through trial and error.

Do you remember the first time that you magically started to find the balance on the saddle of your bike? I remember that moment and I magically found it, after days and days of frustrating failure. I was impatient and looking forward to it, but the truth is: it took me time and effort to get there. But once my brain had acquired that skill, I was literally “in the saddle”.

Now, let us suppose that a very enthusiastic father wants to teach a child how to ride a bike by constantly giving him instructions on how to do it. No matter how good and detailed the instructions are, the child will learn how to ride a bike by trial and error, and by doing this constantly. Nobody can really teach you to ride a bike unless you decide to do it yourself.

Language learning is also about acquiring a skill, which involves a number of other factors, but the principle of its acquisition stays the same. If you decide to learn a language, devote time to it and to accept that you will stumble and make mistakes before reaching your goal. You will succeed in the end. Studying is an act of deliberate learning.

One can study history, geography and biology, but in the case of languages, you do not study them, you learn them!

When we study history, we accumulate knowledge, when learning a language, we acquire a skill. We are learning new things in both cases, but the truth is that they are different things and have to be approached in separate ways.

Most students fail at learning a language. The major reason for this is that they are taught to study a language as opposed to learning a language. Most students are given instructions/rules on the language instead of learning the language directly and then inferring the rules.

My goal it to simple guide them and show them the ideal path to Spanish language ?.

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