Easter Break Social Distancing Clubs

EISB recognizes the world situation and, just as it’s Home Learning program has evolved into a productive and effective learning tool designed for students and families, we would also like to offer the entire EISB Community our Easter Break 2020 Social Distancing Program.

It is a program that runs from 6-14 April and offers: classes, courses, cooking, sports, activities, competitions, Easter decorations from cultures throughout the world and fun for the whole family.

The best part is, the programs are from you! 🙂  The programs can be offered by anyone (students, parents, staff external vendors) for anyone of all ages.  There are students offering cooking classes, parents with Easter decorations, music classes from other countries. Etc.

If you would like to offer a course (external vendors welcome), simply register here.

Programs for the week will be posted by Monday morning 6 April by 8.00 on Edupage, in the clubs sections. Those who sign up will receive location where to meet your club. We’ll also post a calendar on our website over events coming.

If you are not a part of the community but would like to participate, please contact the school office

If there are any questions, please send request to the school.

Current Registered Clubs (this will be updated daily)

  • Easter Paper Crafts
  • Play Piano with Mr. Beethoven (various levels)
  • Russian Literature (for Russian Speakers)
  • Online Art Workshop
  • Try not to Laugh
  • Toilette Paper Challenge
  • Escape Room Race
  • Guitar Lessons
  • Game Night
  • Slovak Reading Club

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