Visit to Hospodárske Noviny

On the 8th of January, students of EISB Academy Newspaper club went on a trip to Hospodárske Noviny. On the trip, they met the Chief Editor and her Assistant Editor. The students were sent in pairs to meet some of the writers, editors, web page monitors, and photographers. They explained to our students how their usual, daily work is in the newspaper, and how they deal with information written in the newspaper.

After lunch, there was the daily meeting of Hospodárske Noviny scheduled and our students were allowed to attend it. In the meeting, the newspaper staff discussed and informed each other about exactly what will go on each page for the next day’s newspaper. 

Our students showed them our latest school newspaper to the editors, and they seemed to like it! They also gave some points to improve on for our school newspaper. The students left the newspaper with a final group photo. 

The visit had a big impact on us all and gives us the motivation to improve the school newspaper as well as a feeling of major respect and appreciation for the work and effort that goes daily in making the daily newspaper of Hospodárske Noviny.

Here are some more photos of our meetings with the wonderful staff of HN:

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