Feste und Feiertage (Festivals and Holidays)

At the end of a unit on celebrations and holidays, students in German Phase 2A researched holiday traditions in German-speaking countries and gave oral presentations.  Their instructions included the following:

  1. You will be given a festival or holiday to research.  Find the following info:
    when and where it occurs (Does the date change or is it on the same day each year?)
    how people celebrate (parades, parties, etc.)
    any special vocabulary for the event (Do people greet each other in a particular way?)
    special foods
  2. Create a presentation (PP, Google slides, etc.) and prepare to present to your classmates in German.
    Presentations should be at least 3 minutes long.
    Include a bibliography in MLA format with your presentation.
  1. Your spoken presentation should include:
    Use  of es gibt, man kann, and the verb finden
    Use of at least 6 prepositions: any combination of dative prepositions and changing prepositions in the dative case
    Use of the verb feiern
    Use of at least 2 conjunctions (und, oder, aber, deshalb)
  2. Share the presentation with me in some way before class on the due date. (Google share, email, etc.)

I recorded their presentations, but nobody was excited by the prospect of having their work put online.  Here is some of the written work instead.

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