Year 7 English – Using School to Become the Best (holistic) Learners We Can Be

This unit, we’ve been looking at school in a different way.  We’ve been through the questions, ‘What’s the point of school?’ and ‘What should school do for young people?’ and ‘What do young people really need from school?’  Around the world young people come up with the same general ideas – that school should prepare us for the future for example – that school should help us become who we want to be.  
This brings us to the questions of ‘How do we prepare for an unknown future?’ and ‘Who do you want to be?’

There’s no doubt that being good at learning is one of the key factors for any situation now and in the future.  Is there any situation in which it would be better to be a bad learner?

We discussed what makes a good learner in life?  What attributes do you need to be successful and happy in life?  What do you think?
We then investigated some of those attributes to see if we can improve them.  We found we could – the business and ‘well-being’ world has lots of material on this online.  Next we described how we can, each day, take action to improve our attributes – what can we do to be optimally open-minded? – what can we do to be wiser risk-takers, etc.   We also came up with suggestions for teachers as to how they can help us improve each lesson.
Here are some of the attributes we’re currently looking at:

Caring Communicating Collaborating
Curiosity &  Inquiry Ways of Thinking Wise Risk-taking

What do you think – what daily actions could you take to improve them yourself?

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