Expert Wall Unveiled

Staff and students from EISB gathered for the official unveiling of the new Community Expert Wall on the afternoon of Friday, December 15. The idea behind this new addition to our school is to tap into the different skills and areas of knowledge of our staff that may not be directly connected to their specific classes.

Perhaps a Primary teacher is doing a unit that involves farming and there is an Academy teacher that grew up on a farm but teaches math here at our school. How would that Primary teacher know that they could be using this “math” teacher as an excellent resource for their unit? Prior to the creation of the Community Expert Wall, they wouldn’t know. But now they will be able to identify and tap into this resource that had been there for them all along.

The unveiling featured a few words by our Year 4 Teacher, Ms. Karo Bremont, who was the driving force behind this new program, followed by a ribbon-cutting and then each member of the initial class of experts placing their knowledge “bricks” on the wall. In the future, the wall will be expanded to include the skills and knowledge of our entire school community, including parents and others associated with EISB.

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