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Once Upon a Time…

  In Year 1, we often read different versions of well-known Fairy Tales. We compare and contrast the stories and often act out our favorite version or create puppets to tell the tales again.

Reading Fairy Tales in kindergarten is a cherished and educational tradition that offers numerous benefits to young learners. Here are a few reasons why Fairy Tales are beneficial to learning:

  • Language Development: Rich Vocabulary: Fairy Tales often contain descriptive language and vocabulary that may not be encountered in everyday conversations. Exposure to these stories enriches a child’s language development.

  • Literacy Foundation: Story Structure: Fairy Tales follow a clear story structure with a beginning, middle, and end. Introducing children to this narrative structure lays the foundation for understanding story elements and sequencing events.
  • Imagination and Creativity: Stimulating Imaginations: Fairy Tales transport children to magical worlds filled with imaginative scenarios. Reading these stories encourages creative thinking and stimulates the imagination, fostering a love for storytelling.
  • Sequencing Skills: Understanding Order: Fairy Tales involve a sequence of events. Following the order of these events enhances children’s sequencing skills, a crucial aspect of early literacy and comprehension.

  • Predictive Skills: Anticipation: Fairy Tales often have predictable elements. Children develop predictive skills as they anticipate outcomes, helping them become more actively engaged in the reading process.
  • Love for Reading: Positive Reading Experiences: Fairy Tales create positive and enjoyable reading experiences for children. The enchanting nature of these stories can instill a love for reading that extends beyond the classroom.


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