Drama lesson: improvisation based on quotes

In the dynamic world of academia, students often find themselves navigating various challenges that require quick thinking, adaptability, and the ability to express ideas on the spot. One powerful skill that can significantly contribute to not just personal development is improvisation. Beyond the realm of the performing arts, improvisation has proven to be a valuable tool in building confidence.

Improvisation is, at its core, the art of spontaneous creation. Whether it’s a theatrical performance, a debate, or a presentation, the ability to think on your feet instills a sense of self-assurance. As students engage in improvisational activities, they learn to trust their instincts, take risks, and embrace the unknown. This newfound confidence not only enhances their academic performance but also prepares them for the uncertainties that lie beyond the classroom.

In these weeks’ drama lessons with MYP 4 students, we focused on improvisations based on quotes. Students were asked to randomly choose a quote and improvise a short scene using a prop according to their choice.

One of the quotes that was improvised during the lesson is by Confucius, which says: “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”

This is how Anastasiia handled her task:

Click here to view: Improvisation based on quotes, in class practice.

One of the key elements of improvisation is communication. Whether it’s verbal or non-verbal, students learn to convey their thoughts and ideas effectively. This skill is transferable to various aspects of life, fostering articulate and confident individuals who can express themselves with clarity.

Click here to view Anastaciia’s improvisation on her personal life experience.

Explanation of Anastasiia’ s improvisation can be view here.

In conclusion, the benefits of improvisation extend far beyond the stage or classroom. As students engage in spontaneous, creative expression, they cultivate confidence, enhance communication skills, foster creativity, build teamwork, and develop resilience. The art of improvisation is a versatile tool that equips students with the skills and mindset needed to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of academia and beyond.


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