Activist Club Talks – Mr Karl Farrow Presents Geothermal Energy and Slovakia’s Plasmabit technology

Friday 14th February

In a series of our Activist Club ‘meetings’ with interesting people, Mr Karl Farrow of GA Drilling, a Slovak high technology company aiming to revolutionize the provision of power to civilization.  Plasmabit technology can drill down much further than normal drills we use for oil drilling.  Also, since the drill uses extremely hot plasma to basically vaporize the rock rather than diamond headed drills that wear it away, plasmabit drills do not need to be changed as they don’t wear out in the same way as normal drill heads.  By drilling so deep (up to 10km) the idea is to send water down one channel and up through another.  The water, coming closer to the Earth’s centre, becomes significantly hotter and therefore can be used as a source of energy to generate electricity and many more uses.

The talk was very informative and inspirational especially as it showed how advanced local tech companies are as well as how they all used English to work as an international team.

GA Drilling is a company to watch.  Why did they visit us – because they know that among the audience is probably someone who can help them with their future technology – either inventing it, designing it, presenting it, computer modelling it, selling it, testing it, marketing it and so on.

Thanks to Mr Karl Farrow Chief Commercial Officer – GA Drilling for his time and inspiration.


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