An Excellent Trip to the Vineyards

Last year children from the Environmental Club visited an Apple Orchard to learn and taste various types of apples. This year we decided to go to vineyards to find out more about grapes. The trip was really exciting! We saw and learned a lot about the grapes and their harvest. Grape harvesting is the process of picking ripe grapes from the vine for the purpose of making wine, grape juice, raisins, jams, or other grape-derived products. The method of grape harvesting can vary, but it is traditionally done either by hand or by machine. Ms. Iveta, the owner, was an excellent guide. She explained and showed us which grapes were early kinds or later kinds, why they are loved by insects, and also how to properly cut a bunch of grapes from the vine without damaging the rest. She told us to first taste the grapes before cutting them. The children tasted the grapes and made funny faces. Not all the kinds were super sweet. Some of them were sour:).

The BEST part was the grapes collecting. We chose the grapes we wanted. Ms. Iveta also offered us yummy grape jams which came in two colors, just like the grapes (white and purple). We came back tired, happy, and very sticky:)))

Ms. Eva Gogova

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