The Letter to a School Psychologist

Dear Wonderful Students, 

Your school psychologist Mgr. Zuzana Simkova, MSc. wants to reach out to you even more.

I understand that you might find it sometimes hard to approach me in person for whatever reason.  So how about writing a LETTER or a short NOTE to me?   The letter can include your name and school year OR you can write your nickname if you want to stay anonymous. I collect the letters from the letter boxes on a weekly basis and do my best to reply promptly. The content of the letter is up to you.  It can be a challenge you are facing, or mood you are experiencing, it can be even something positive and happy you want to share. Anything really related to your well-being!

What are the benefits of writing? 

According to psychologist Barbara Markway, “There’s simply no better way to learn about your thought processes than to write them down.” It turns out that writing…

  1. Reduces anxiety and stress
  2. Leads to better sleep
  3. Can help lower blood pressure
  4. Helps us examine our thoughts and shift perspective
  5. Fosters self-awareness and a greater awareness of others
  6. Increases well-being and gratitude
  7. Helps us define goals and track progress
  8. Can help us understand our emotions and what triggers them
  9. Supports better problem-solving
  10. Helps us document history and preserve memories
  11. Can be a social connector

If you write a  letter you will not only gain  the benefits listed above but also  a psychologist`s  perspective on the matter. Therefore, I strongly encourage you to write, write and write…even you can start to write your own diary from today.

The letter boxes are situated one in the reception area and other next to office 301 on the third floor left wing.



I am looking forward to reading your letters and being in touch with you! Because YOU MATTER!

Yours sincerely, 

Zuzana Simkova.



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