Carbon Neutrality: A Documentary by Kevin Wang (MYP 1)

In their last unit, MYP 1 students created short documentaries to inform others about a topic they find personally interesting, important, and relevant to society. The goal was for students to expand awareness of the world around us – through the medium of documentary filmmaking. I must say, I was impressed with the hard work MYP 1 students put into their documentaries.

I was particularly impressed by the documentary Kevin made about carbon neutrality. It was informative, impactful, and he clearly put a lot of effort into making it. His documentary was eloquently narrated by himself and included interviews with three individuals who share their understanding of carbon neutrality (i.e., a student, a science teacher, and a carbon neutrality expert). I must say I learned a lot of new information about carbon neutrality and the various ways we can work towards achieving it.

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