Secondary Music lessons

This academic year there was music added into the curriculum for secondary students. Some of the benefits include fostering creativity, enhancing cognitive skills, and promoting a well-rounded education. The classes were split into two groups in order to do more practical work in Drama and Music lessons. Creating smaller groups within music and drama classes seems an effective strategy to facilitate more hands-on learning experiences.

In Year 7 class we formed small teams for composition projects. Each group worked on creating their own piece of music, experimenting with different sound of the keyboard instruments, and presenting their compositions to the class. In music an easy form of composition is A B A form, this gives a musical piece a good balance of repetition and change (B part is different music, A part is repeated at the end).

We performed listening sessions and music analysis. Very important were peer feedback sessions. Encouraging constructive criticism and collaborative problem-solving can enhance each student’s musical abilities.

Also recording and listening to their own performance is a good tool for self-evaluation.

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