Dog Shelter Trips

Primary students from Years 1-6 who are in Puppy Club again took part in the trip to the Dog Shelter Sloboda Zvierat in Karlova Ves, led by Ms. Erika and Mr. Jim. These trips provide the kids with a glimpse of life for the abandoned animals and a fuller understanding of why it is important to be kind and caring towards our domesticated friends.

The Dog Shelter is right next to the forest and as we were getting closer you could here the barking from the dog kennels on all sides. We created three groups of older and younger kids and got three dogs: “Daisy”, “Nora” and “Dinka”. As we made our way up and down the hill through the forested trails, everyone gained some good exercise and the dogs got much needed attention and time away from the other dogs. These visits are becoming really enjoyable as the Spring is here. This time we were very lucky with a beautiful sunny Friday afternoon.

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