Student Highlight: Richard K (MYP 2)

In their previous unit, MYP 2 students explored the impact that globalization has had on various aspects of the world. For their project, students investigated the following research question: “How has globalization affected ________?

Students were encouraged to choose a topic that was personally interesting, relevant, and meaningful to them. Richard chose the topic of basketball and explored the question “How has globalization affected basketball?”

Richard worked diligently on this project and produced a great final result. He made a Prezi presentation to communicate his work to the class. Richard also showed great initiative when he volunteered to present his work at the EISB exhibition day. It is great to see when students take ownership over their learning like this 🙂

Here is the link to Richard K’s Prezi presentation. If you want to take a look, make the presentation full screen and then use the arrows/ scroll bar to move through the presentation:


Keep up the great effort, Richard!

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