Diwali at EISB: Celebrating Indian Culture

The English International School of Bratislava Successfully Celebrates Diwali and Indian Cultural Week.

The English International School of Bratislava has recently concluded a successful Indian Cultural Week, shining a spotlight on the celebration of Diwali, the Festival of Lights. The school community immersed itself in the traditions and customs of India, thanks to the notable collaboration of students Aayushi and Neil, who played key roles in spreading awareness of this unique celebration.

The week kicked off with a special assembly led by student Aayushi, who enthusiastically shared the history and significance behind Diwali. In this inspiring gathering, all students at the EISB Academy had the opportunity to learn about the traditions, myths, and symbolism associated with this Hindu festival.

In the Primary, Neil played an essential role by visiting classes to introduce Diwali to his younger peers. Neil not only shared knowledge about the festival but also answered curious questions from the students. The visit culminated in the collaborative creation of rangolis in each class, where students expressed their creativity, contributing to the beauty of this artistic tradition.

Neil and Aayushi also crafted several impressive rangolis that were exhibited in the lobby, providing a visual feast for the entire school community. These vibrant creations served as an expression of cultural diversity and enriching exchange at EISB.

The culmination of this cultural week was a unique experience: a tasting of Indian cuisine. The EISB community sincerely appreciates the collaboration and dedication of Neil, Aayushi, and their families, who not only shared their culture but also made this unique educational experience possible.

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