Introducing the Organic Chemistry course in EISB

Last year our school embarked on an exciting journey by offering the Organic Chemistry course for the very first time. This decision proved to be more than just an academic addition; it was an opportunity for students to delve into a subject that bridges the gap between theory and the real world.

During the first semester students learned how to decode the language of organic chemistry, they mastered their skills to draw and name structures, and investigated how structure dictates the properties of the compound and its applications and uses. 

The culminating project on the second semester – a comprehensive exploration of the uses of organic compounds and how they affect environment and/or society – expanded their scientific knowledge and improved skills like research, communication, presentation in public, self-management and creative thinking skills.

Reflecting on the year, half of the students found the course to be challenging but still interesting. They all noted that a friendly classroom environment fostered their inquiry and learning and this course helped them to see connection between real life and chemistry.

Some quotes from students feedback:

“I realized how much the chemical formula and molecules affect the properties a material has.”,

“I think that the presentations with the pictures helped me a lot as I have photogenic remembering …”

“My creative thinking also came in during the reflections and making our own factual, conceptual and debatable questions.”

“I for example understood how alcohol is used in real life not just for alcoholic drinks”

“I think lot of times we need to use our logic and logically understand the assignment and solve it which I really liked”

“I think that being a thinker was really important because throughout the year we had to combine our knowledge of many different topics in order to be able to solve each problem.”

“The tests are difficult because they require understanding of the topic rather than just memorization. Therefore I really enjoyed all the tests because they always shown me new ways of thinking about the topics and how various exercises found flaws in my understanding.

Organic chemistry is also included in this academic year. Thanks to the students’ feedback, the weak points are known, and there is also an idea of what worked and what the students liked, so the course is improved and hopefully will be even more effective and productive than last year.

Happy new School Year to everyone!

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