Student Highlight: Taira (MYP 2)

In their last I&S unit of the year, MYP 2 students investigated how different technologies can affect human identities and relationships. Throughout the unit, students (1) learned about some of the major technological breakthroughs from history, (2) explored how modern technologies such as the television, computers, and cell phones have affected our identities and relationships with others, (3) explored the various ways that technology can be used for social good, and (4) engaged in a research project to further investigate this topic.

Taira did an excellent job on her research project. Her research focused on the question: “How does social media affect productivity?”. She formulated this research question by herself and then conducted questionnaire research to investigate her question. She then compiled her research and results into a Powerpoint presentation that she delivered to the class.

Below you can see the presentation that Taira made for this research project. Keep up the excellent effort, Taira!

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