” I will do my best to reach the national stage and become the Winner”

Even 50 years ago, on the bookshelves of most families, one could see books by Jules Verne, Mine Reed, Jack London. Boys and girls read with enthusiasm about the incredible adventures of Captain Nemo, the depths of the sea full of monsters, pirates, treasures, the wilds of Alaska, the cold ice of the North and South Poles, followed the routes of travelers on maps, dreamed of traveling and discovering new uncharted lands.

Now, in order to travel, it is not at all necessary to read these books and dream. Most of the new generation have no idea what azimuth, north latitude, or west longitude is; who are Roald Amundsen, Ferdinand Magellan or Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary. But there are always pleasant exceptions.

Although we do not have “Geography” as a separate subject, there are students who not only studied geography at the elective, but also ventured to participate in the Olympiad. Viktor and Peter from Y9, successfully completed the tasks of the school stage of the Geography Olympiad and represented our school at the district stage, where Peter took the honorable 2nd place out of 42 participants.

How it all happened, let’s ask the winner himself.

S.D.: Why did you decide to participate in the Geography Olympiad?

Peter: I know a little geography and I also know the Slovak language well, so I was sure that I could compete.

S.D.: How did you prepare for the Olympics?

Peter: I studied the suggested topics as well as general information. I prepared thoroughly and regularly every day.

S.D.: What new did you learn about the subject and about yourself?

Peter: I learned more about geographic navigation and exploration (that was this year’s theme). I also realized that I can and should participate in more different Olympiads. I hope to achieve this next year.

S.D.: What was difficult for you?

Peter: I worked hard every day and I don’t understand how some people managed to get more points than me.

S.D.: How did you feel when you became the winner of the district stage?

Peter: Being a winner is good and pleasant, it moves a person further, it is a strong incentive to achieve more and more.

S.D.: What is the benefit of participation in the Olympiads for the students?

Peter: The Olympiads are a big challenge. It’s nice to see the real level of your knowledge and skills in comparison with other students from different schools.

S.D.: What are your plans for the next academic year?

Peter: I would like to participate in more subject Olympiads. This year there were only geography and math. But the main focus will remain on geography, I will do my best to reach the national stage and become the Winner.

May your dreams come true, Peter, and we will help you with this.

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