3 Point-lighting in Photography

“The Three Point Lighting Technique is a standard method used in visual media such as video, film, still photography and computer-generated imagery. It is a simple but versatile system which forms the basis of most lighting. “

“The technique uses three lights called the key lightfill light and back light. Naturally you will need three lights to utilize the technique fully, but the principles are still important even if you only use one or two lights. As a rule:

  • If you only have one light, it becomes the key.
  • If you have 2 lights, one is the key and the other is either the fill or the backlight.”


Our students had the opportunity to learn the basics of lighting in photography. This activity consisted of making “photography crews,” where the students had to decide which role was the most suitable for them when working on building a visual product.

Additionally, our students could learn and practice some of the different techniques when placing a 3-point lighting setup for a photoshoot.

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