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DP1 Chemistry students’ demonstration of their Internal Assessment

On Open House Day on the last day of March our school presented the works and projects of our students. The day was full of activities and live presentations. This is the time when students can be proud of what they have achieved and get ideas about what to do and what is waiting for them next year.
DP1 Chemistry students, Ema, Radin and Mehrad, also had a chance to introduce their topics of their internal assessment (which will count 20% of their final exam next year) and show the practical part of it to other students.

Ema and Radin introduced the titration methods which is one of the most common analysis techniques in analytical chemistry labs. This is the method which allows to find the amount of the compound you are looking for using some specific chemical reaction which will occur hopefully only to this compound. That’s why it is very important to know your sample and chemistry behind the possible reactions.
Radin was using common acid-base titration to measure salicylic acid amount in the aspirin tablets and Ema wanted to find Fe content in iron supplements using known redox titration called permanganometry.

Mehrad is investigating the equilibriums between different colored copper complexes using a colorimetry which is a method that measures the absorbance of the visible light.

Knowing how much light is absorbed by different colored solutions it is possible to count out the ratio of different complexes in his solution.
Students introduced the method and showed how it works and encouraged the audience to try themselves to work with burette.

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