Two EISB Students complete the ČSOB Half Marathon

For months now, during the gruelling cold and and long wintery nights, two of EISB’s DP students have been preparing for the one of the hardest endurance challenges. They have had to face ups and downs; a Bratislava winter; and most of all, work around all their studies. They have been work tirelessly to get ready of the ČSOB Half Marathon, which took place on April 2nd 2023. During school hours, they have had to train twice a week, as well as train individually at home in order to clock the kilometres needed to ensure the body can endure a 21.1km race.

Back in November, this idea was proposed to them for CAS. Despite being complete beginners, they accepted the challenge. I believe the most they had ever run was 5km so this was going to be a huge challenge for them.

One completed their race in a time of 2hrs 22mins and the other one completed their race in 2hrs 21mins. Their only goal was to finish before the race, so to get these very respectable times is a massive bonus for them. To complete this race is a massive achievement and if you see them around school, please congratulate them.

Bratislava Half Marathon Course

Next year, if you are going to be 16 years of age on race day then I would highly recommend taking on the challenge. We will have a running club twice a week to help you prepare and to ensure you are not alone. It would look great for CAS and Universities will also love it!

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