First Round of the PFT is completed

It has been a long month of training and testing but the first round of the presidential fitness test is completed! You can see some of the results below.

Over the course of the past month, the students in the Academy here at EISB have been setting goals, pushing themselves, and finding their own levels of personal fitness through the strenuous tests involved in the Presidential Fitness Test.

Based on their results, their age, and their gender students fall into one of the three levels of achievement: Presidential, National, or Participation. If a student achieves this level in more than five individual categories they are awarded recognition of their achievement. You can learn more about the Presidential Fitness Test form my previous blog post about it here.

Below I have shared the leaderboards for the Presidential Fitness Test so far.

Times in the Agility Test are not included on this table.

We have many students who are very close to completing the required number of events at the highest level of achievement to earn themselves the recognition of Presidential Level. So a special congratulations to the following students:

  • Ernest Kris
  • Richard Kuzela
  • Michal Jingke
  • Farid Naghizade
  • Tamara Tardova
  • Rebeka Chudackova

Each of these students above are only one or two events away from that coveted Presidential recognition. Though, for many of these students, our fitness unit is coming to an end; there will still be opportunities for the students to pursue higher scores. If they work hard and continue with their own personal development, I have no doubt that I will be handing out several Presidential Recognition Certificates soon.

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