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EISB opportunities explode with its new home at Townhall Square

Seven years ago EISB started a journey, to give our students the best education which has evolved into that which empowers students to be happy and successful in a fast-paced world whose future is unknown, undefined and ever-changing.

Faculty:  We’ve spent a year developing a team of teachers and staff to not only support the new focus, but becoming actively engaged in its growth and development.  As new members join EISB (teachers, students and families), the learning experience also grows.  There is now a stronger core in both staff and parents, and this year add new people to make the strongest team we’ve yet had at EISB.

Focus: Education focused on the development of skills and attributes rather than memorizing facts.  It is an education based on solid structures that enables students to do amazing things, rather than indoctrinating past standards. It is teaching students, how to learn, how to think, how to reason and how to communicate. And in doing so, empowering them for whatever the future may bring. 

Facility:  The third leg is having a facility that is equally influential in supporting the development of students. That day has arrived with our new location at appropriately named Radničné Námestie  (Townhall Square, Rathaus Platz).

Chosen for Growth, Designed for Impact

  • Located in the vicinity of Kalinciakova and easily accessible from the city,  in a safe/quiet residential area.  
  • With an Area fully fenced, provides a safe and secure drop-off for the younger students.
  • Sports facilities nearby
  • Building is already pre-approved to be used as a school.
    Primary,  Secondary,  Assembly rooms and Cafeteria all in the building.
    Potential capacity of over 600 students.

The Townhall (Radničné) building provides a solid framework to design the type of interior that supports  better learning opportunities than was possible at the old facilities. We know, those changes will not happen over night.  Just as our curriculum and community evolve, so will the design.  Overall, it is ours to develop and grow into, rather than adapt and compromise.  

It’s an exciting time for EISB.

See you at Radničné Námestie on 2 Sept 2019!!!

One thought on “EISB New Home

  • Hi
    Here is Michaela Benedigova, your neibourgh from Prievoz, Strukova 24. As a group of citizens from the community we would liket to get to know you, welcome you in the community. Our upcoming Prievozsky Advent happening December 12 directly in fron of the school would be a great opportunity.
    Would you be interested to discuss your involvment?
    Pls drop me an email with the phone number I can reach out.
    My best


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