School trip to Bibiana during a Theme week

During the theme week (13.-17.03.) one group had a chance to visit the international art house for children – Bibiana. Current exhibition Medzifaza (Interphase) presents the amazing creations of a young Czech multimedia artist Ondřej Brýna. Currently he is 18 and during Covid pandemic he was working on creating puppet animated clips and films. Students could see all his hand-made miniature puppets, houses, furniture, books and scenes from the movies.

Exhibition also includes the author’s sketches, designs and photos of his hard work, challenges and failures. 

Our students could get familiar with how animated films are made by stop-motion technique and how time consuming, creative and challenging it is. Some of the students participated in short hands-on activities to create their own movable pictures. 

And of course we all watched the movie(s) to see the result of 3 years of work of young active teenager.

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