Year 9 / Grade 8’s Trip to Aurelium and Jump Arena

Year 9 and Grade 8, with class teachers Ms. Maria and Mr. Ingram, experience the interactive educational exhibits and finish the day with some fun.

Students try out the interactive exhibits based around magnetic induction.

Students began the day at Aurelium, a science center fixed on the idea that “School is a Game”. The purpose of this center is to help educate children (or anyone interested, really) in about many different fields related to science, such as:

  • Electricity, magnetism, communication technology
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Light waves
  • and many more…

Students are let to explore the exhibits found at Aurelium led by nothing but their own curiosity. Our time there we wandered slowly from exhibit to exhibit seeing all that was offered and learning a lot along the way.

One of the first exhibits the students got to experience was “Tesla World”. Here, students got to see a Jacob’s Ladder, a demonstration of the upward movement of plasma caused by the heating of an electrode site. Of course, what would “Tesla World” be without the iconic Tesla coil? (pictured here) The exhibit went on to perform a number of musical pieces by regulating the length of the discharges, including the iconic theme song for James Bond: GoldenEye. Situs Slot Super Gacor

Next, we made our way to Jump Arena. Here students applied the principles of motion and energy in an environment designed as a great demonstration of different laws of physics such as the conservation of energy and the relationship between force, mass, and acceleration. Or, in other words, the students got to jump around and do some really cool flips in the trampoline park! Link Slot Server Luar

So, in closing, our class trip was a huge success and we believe that students got a truly unique experience. Our class trip combined both physical activity and scientific exploration so that by the end of the day students had deepened their own understanding of different scientific concepts and had fun along the way. Akun ID Pro Slot

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