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EISB embracing AI in the Educational process.

Our teachers have noticed an incredible improvement in the quality of writing in our students in the past couple of months.  

Unless you’ve been unplugged through the holidays, you might not have heard about the rise of ChatGPT – a so-called “A.I.” platform, that is freely available, and when combined with other  A.I. platforms,  can be  used to create well, almost anything… especially essays.

It seems some of our students believe our teachers are unplugged, which is why they were surprised when they called out for cheating on assignments.   Academic honesty policies are principle based, creating a prompt for A.I. to write the assignment is no different than copying others work or having someone  write an assignment for you.

Bottom line, it’s not your work and therefore don’t deserve a grade for your achievement.  Regardless, EISB education is skills-based, and therefore work is not only assessed by the finished task, but what was learned in the process of that task.

Given that, EISB is not deterred in its educational approach with availability of A.I, rather we embrace any advancements looking for ways it can enhance student development . Instead of trying to stay ahead of technology, or ignoring it, teachers are working with students with ways to include it in the learning process

Below are some effective uses of AI that EISB is exploring:

  1. Personalized learning:  A.I. can provide personalized responses to students’ questions and support their individual learning needs.
  2. Content generation: A.I. can generate educational content, such as summaries of complex topics or practice questions for students.
  3. Conversational interface: A.I. can be used as a conversational interface to provide students with interactive learning experiences, encouraging them to explore and discover knowledge on their own.
  4. 24/7 availability: A.I. can be available 24/7 to support students’ learning outside of traditional school hours.
  5. Language learning: A.I. can be used as a tool for language learning, providing students with the opportunity to practice conversational skills in a foreign language.
  6. Supplement to classroom instruction: A.I. can supplement classroom instruction by providing additional support and resources for students to reinforce their learning.
  7. Gamification: A.I. can be used in gamified learning experiences, providing students with engaging and interactive ways to learn.

To effectively use a learning tool in schools, it is important to consider factors such as the purpose of its use, the alignment with educational objectives, and the level of student engagement and interaction.

In fact, EISB has its first external course in utilizing AI for students this week.

If you’d like to learn more about EISB, its educational process or would like to join any of EISB’s external courses, please contact our office.

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