Recognition Day!

Last Friday we held “Recognition Day” for the last day of the 1st Semester. This is an opportunity the school takes to award those students that have been doing well in their subjects; not only in grades but in other aspects as well. It also serves as an occasion to motivate other students to upgrade their performance.

I was honoured to give out several awards, some were mainly based on their grades: the Honour Rolls. There were also some awards given out for their extraordinary participation in this semester’s Theme Week (back in October with the Haunted House and the Escape Rooms). For example, my Business class received a special mention for managing that whole event. I also gave out an award for participation in my clubs, namely, “Da Banned Klub” (sic).

Amidst all the excitement before and during the ceremony, I noticed something I hadn’t really seen before at this level: camaraderie. The whole academy (years 7 and up) were clapping and cheering for their classmates every time someone was mentioned due to their achievements. It felt as though it wasn’t just the teachers “recognising” the students, but the students praising their friends too.

More than just handing out awards, I think this day served to create a sense of community at our school, and I’m happy to be part of it. Congratulations to all!

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