Lea’s Story: Moli and Kiti

The following is the result of an open-ended assignment given to Year 3 students. They were asked to choose a topic to write a blog about, and type it in an email with some pictures. Here is Lea’s work:


Moli and Kiti

Once upon a time there were two cats, one named Moli and one named Kiti.

Kiti was older than Moli. One morning Moli said “When I am bigger, then I will jump on the wall like Kiti!”

”Let’s go to play” said Kiti. Moli said “We’ll get the ball” and they played and played.

Afterwards, Moli said “How can I jump on the wall? Can you teach me?”.
And she jumped on the wall, but after she fell down, so they went to the vet.
The doctor said “Your cat has a broken leg and he needs a bandage around his leg”.
In three months her leg was ok, so she wanted to jump on the wall. She said to herself “This time I will be careful” and she jumped on the wall for the first time.
The end.

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