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EISB’s Andrew wins again at the CSOB Zimna Seria

The Zimna Seria is one of 4 annual winter running events sponsored by CSOB leading up to the CSOB Bratislava marathon. This was the first event, called the Mikulas Edition, and was comprised of children’s runs as well as a 5km and a 10km course. 

This is a traditional winter running series, and this year it was extremely popular with registrations sold out, amounting to1400 runners registered a full a week before the event.

Ollie participated in the 10km event, where he won his category as well as the absolute 1st place of the race. His time was 32,29, the next competitor was a full 37 seconds behind. To put into perspective, the world record is 26,11, but on a track. This event was held outdoors, in the cold, a head-on wind a good part of the way. And yes, he was wearing his Santa hat the entire time.

Yes, he ran the whole way in this hat!

Chasing Olli was a man well known in the running community competing in official events as part of the Slovak national championships, placing second in the marathon national championships , a semi pro so to say. 

Once again, congratulations on another incredible win Ollie.

Congratulations also to EISB’s Ms. Bremont who also competed that day. Although not proud of her time, the fact that she continues to compete, complete and be competitive is outstanding in and of itself.

We are proud of them both!

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