Who is Ms. Jana?

Hi! My name is Jana Fečová, I’m from Slovakia and I’m an artist and the art teacher of upper primary, MYP and DP here at EISB.

I studied hand drawn animation in high school, after that I got a master’s degree in art education.

When teaching, I want to provide the students with a variety of techniques and knowledge, whether it’s painting, sculpting, photography or even electronics.

I enjoy painting technical objects, the three paintings above are based on Half Life 2.

My take on Munch’s Scream
I enjoy going to the galleries.
I enjoy making chicken plushies!
I love old school film photography, one of my cameras is over 40 years old and still works as new!
Sometimes I end up making random objects – they are an excellent inspiration for painting a still life!
One of my favorite hobbies since I was 13 years old is playing the guitar.
I’m a big fan of pop culture, video games, movies, comics and everything related.
I always make sure I have everything I need at home!

Apart from making art, I like to spend my time playing board games, being with my friends or hanging out with my cat!

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