A little bit about the student council..

Our goal;

To bridge the gap between both AA and IB students and voice our students opinions

We aim to do that through:

  1. events and activities
  2. making changes in the school
  3. collaborative efforts

The student council currently consists of:

MYP representatives:

MYP 1- Taira I.

MYP2- Kevin W.

MYP3- Viktor I.

MYP4- David H.

MYP5- Lilly K.

DP representatives:

DP1- Mehrad A. ( secretary)

DP2- Adrian K.

Treasurer- Viktor G.


Vice President-Tamara T.

President- Natalia B.

Disclaimer ; in any school event organised by the Student Council, we will be keeping 10% of the income from that event to put forwards for the organization of the Prom.

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