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Hi Parents!

Last Friday we had a first contact with you. We established a new team of Class Parents for those classes:

Pre School: Zuzana Lakatová

Year 1: Katarína Zarecká

Year 2: Ľubica Urminská

Year 3: Katarína Nosková

Year 4: Ľubica Urminská

Year 5: Katarína Spišiaková

Year 6: ???

Year 7/ MYP1: Jana Hvožďarová

Year 8/ MYP2: Katarína Bystrická

Year 9/ MYP3: Andrea Tardová

Year 10,11/MYP4,5 and DP1: Alireza Qaderi

Please contact us if you need personal contact to new class representatives/parents to:

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