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During Easter celebrations, it is very common to see kids with Easter Baskets filled with colorful eggs and all kinds of treats, even toys. As Easter is not only a religious celebration of the Resurrection of Christ, but also a celebration of Spring -and the resurrection of nature that it brings-, one could see Easter Baskets as symbolic nests when used by kids during the Easter egg hunts.

The Easter basket traditions might be different depending on the country and the culture. For example, in Poland, people bring baskets full of goods to the church on Holy Saturday for the priest to bless them. The blessing of the Easter food is called “Swieconka”.

In the United States, the Easter Bunny – an animal that also symbolizes fertility, just like Spring does-drops off the Easter Baskets to the well-behaved children on the night before Easter. The baskets can be filled with candy, toys, and gifts. The kids can also use them in Easter egg hunts and fill them with the prizes that they will find.

To get ready for our school’s Easter egg hunt, year 2 made their own Easter Baskets! The students first decided on the colors they wanted for their baskets and then we weaved and glued them together with the precious help of Ms. Beata as well. After we made our basic baskets, the students decided on their individual decorations, giving their baskets a unique character!

You can make your own Easter Basket by following a video on youtube (here is the one we got inspired from): 

and you can read more about them here:

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