Exploring Motion: MYP 1’s Dynamic Laboratory Adventure

I am thrilled to recount an engaging and hands-on laboratory experiment undertaken by our curious MYP 1 students at the English International School of Bratislava. Within the IB framework, these budding scientists delved into the realm of linear motion, embarking on an exploration that combined theory with practical application.

In our classroom laboratory, wooden tables were ingeniously transformed into ramps, setting the stage for a fascinating exploration of linear motion. The objective was clear—to investigate the relationship between distance, time, and velocity through the movement of four different cars released down these ramps.

With meticulous precision, our young scientists released each car down the ramp, carefully measuring the time taken for the cars to traverse a set distance. These measurements served as the foundation for calculating the velocity of each car, offering insights into the varying speeds achieved.

Following the experiment, our students engaged in a reflective discussion, dissecting the variables that affected the cars’ motion. They pondered over the impact of different factors such as the angle of the ramp, the surface texture, and the mass of the cars, realizing how these variables influenced the observed velocities.

This hands-on laboratory experience perfectly encapsulated the principles of inquiry-based learning within the IB curriculum. It encouraged our students to hypothesize, experiment, analyze data, and draw conclusions—a crucial aspect of scientific inquiry.

The experiment served as a platform for our students to exercise critical thinking skills. They not only applied theoretical knowledge but also engaged in analytical thinking, deciphering the complex interplay of variables affecting the motion of the cars.

At our school, we cherish such exploratory experiences that enable our students to step beyond theoretical boundaries and immerse themselves in practical applications of scientific principles. It is through such experiences that a deeper understanding and appreciation for science are cultivated.

The dynamic laboratory adventure undertaken by our MYP 1 students exemplifies the spirit of scientific curiosity and discovery that we aim to instill in our students—an attribute that fuels their passion for learning and exploration.

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