Aurelium – Year 3 field trip

“It is important to not stop asking.” Albert Einstein

This is a quote that the science center Aurelium has on their website. And rightly so. A visit here will definitely get you motivated to find out how the world around you functions. Their exhibits engage you with hands-on activities relating to mechanics, physics, chemistry and biology, and explain many concepts that we usually take for granted in life:

How does a bridge stay up?

Why do I feel more balanced on my bike when it goes faster?

How do the lenses in my glasses work to help me see better?

Students in Year 3 have been studying electricity, so the focus of the trip was to see the exhibits explaining the different types of conductors and insulators, uses of electricity, different ways that electricity can be generated, magnetism, static electricity, and much much more. However, students were so interested that we ended up exploring the rest of the exhibits with many questions. The staff at Aurelium are very friendly and knowledgeable, quick to demonstrate how the concept behind the exhibit is actually something we witness in daily life.

Aurelium caters for school visits, but you can also visit it individually with your friends or family. A great experience fo the young and old!

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