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Exploring Creativity: Homemade Pre-School Presents

While still officially January, I guess it’s not too late to talk about Christmas Presents. One of my favorite was found in a little bag brought to us from our 3-year old. With the help of her teachers, her classroom artwork was turned into coffee cups.

It wasn’t the first time she’s shared things she’s created. But this one really touched me. Something I cherish and use often.

Although a very proud Dad, I’m not claiming her a current or future van Gogh. Just happy to have something she’s proud of, we’re proud of and she is happy to see us use.

And that is the point of our entire Early Years program. Helping children discover themselves: how they learn, how they process experiences, how they communicate all in an open, experiential manner.

Every child is different, and in an international school, children develop incredibly differently. With most coming from different cultures and working with multiple languages, finding yourself can be quite difficult, and development incredibly varied, ours is no exception. With that, we’re very happy with her development.

It is also a key starting point with her entire EISB learning experience, as it blends well in supporting her upcoming Primary education, be building a solid foundation for experiential learning.

Her cups are a symbol of the joy of her development. And a great way to get started in the morning. 🙂

Huge thanks to the entire EISB Early Years team.

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