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Dear Parents!

Have you heard about “PA” but are not sure yet what it means? Please continue reading, this article is for you and will certainly answer some of your questions. PA is an association for EISB parents, established as a legal entity, official civic association. Who are its members? You, the parents! It is up to you whether you become an active or a passive member of this school community. It is also up to you whether you pay 1 euro annual membership fee or support us at your discretion with individual amount. You’re not yet a member of our power community? You can find the application here:

You need to know that there is a team of people who have decided to volunteer and to devote their precious time to actively engage in various activities…from representing you as class parents to organizing and supporting events for our children in collaboration with the school. The team is contributing to the school community with various activities. This school year we have organized and supported the following events: My Dream Holiday, Traveler´s Notebook, Halloween, St. Nicholas, Charity Fundraiser “From Heart to Heart, from Children to Children”, Christmas charity fundraiser for socially disadvantaged families in collaboration with the school, Christmas PA punch for parents, Online auction “Clean your room” and the 1st Online Conference for New Parents. We have run a Parents Satisfaction Survey and the collected feedback from parents was shared with the school management. Our plan is to continue driving an open and transparent communication between the school and parents, to the satisfaction of all.

Our PA has 2 statutory representatives, Ms. Timea Izák-Molnár (President) and Bea Kukumbergova (Vice President), which are at the same time part of the 5-member Executive Committee, the PA Board, alongside with Ms. Ľubica Urminská (Head of Class Parents Board), Michaela Solárová (Coordinator of Activities) and Klára Deverová (Treasurer, Administration). The PA Board is actively involved in all matters and acts for its members. You, dear parents, have a representative in every classroom, your “class parent”, who is active on your behalf and serves as a link between you, the class teacher, other teachers, the school and us, ensuring smooth information flow.

In 2021, PTA Board (Parents-Teacher-Activity Board) is starting anew with our special parent, who is also EISB teacher, Mrs Irena Holubcová (Head of PTA Board ). We are very excited to move the collaboration to the next level, having great support from both, teachers and parents.

In order to streamline cooperation with the school and take advantage of all financial possibilities, we registered the EISB PA association as an applicant for 2% taxes. In simple terms, we can get extra funding that would otherwise go to the state as your income tax. It is a unique opportunity how to raise money for our functioning. Those funds can pay for all the activities and events we are organising for our children and you. Currently, we are sponsoring the activities either ourselves, from own pockets or via school.

Attention, dear parents and teachers, if you would like to help us raise extra funds for the benefit of the whole EISB school community, you can donate your 2% tax by filling in the form below.  If you are in the invesment phase at your company or can not send 2% from your tax, we would be happy and really appreciate your support to EISB Parents Association with a voluntary donation in any amount directly to our bank account below. The raised funds will return to our children, the EISB students and the whole community in the form of events, field trips, gifts (St. Nicholas, Family Fun Day, etc.) and competition prizes. We will be grateful for any amount, every little helps!  


Your EISB PA Board


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