Understanding IB Assessment: Physical & Health Education

There are four equally-weighted assessment criteria for each subject in the IB MYP. Because it is not always clear to students and parents what these criteria entail, I have decided to write a short blog explaining what exactly is being assessed in the classes I teach at EISB: Physical and Health Education.

More information about these subjects and the criteria that are assessed can be found in the MYP subject guides. In PHE, students are assessed on the following four criteria: knowing and understanding, Planning for performance, applying and performing, and reflecting and improving performance. Each of these are briefly explained below:

Criterion A: Knowing and Understanding

Students should be able to:
i. explain physical and health education factual, procedural and conceptual knowledge
ii. apply physical and health education knowledge to analyse issues and solve problems set in familiar
and unfamiliar situations
iii. apply physical and health terminology effectively to communicate understanding.

Criterion B: Planning for Performance

Students should be able to:
i. design, explain and justify plans to improve physical performance and health
ii. analyse and evaluate the effectiveness of a plan based on the outcome.

Criterion C: Applying and Performing

Students should be able to:
i. demonstrate and apply a range of skills and techniques
ii. demonstrate and apply a range of strategies and movement concepts
iii. analyse and apply information to perform effectively.

Criterion D: Reflecting and Improving Performance

students should be able to:
i. explain and demonstrate strategies to enhance interpersonal skills
ii. develop goals and apply strategies to enhance performance
iii. analyse and evaluate performance.

I hope that helps you better understand the assessment criteria that are used in the IB MYP Physical and Health Education courses. If you have any further questions about how your students are assessed in these classes then you can do one of two things:

1. Explore the subject guide:

2. Send me an email at

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