Head of Primary’s Thoughts #1

Hi everyone, this is the first of some occasional posts which may be relevant to, in particular, members of the Primary community at EISB. I have had a number of parents, across age groups, ask what they can do to assist with their children’s maths education. The following places are where I usually begin.

First, have a dialogue with your child’s teacher. They will be able to tell you how your child is doing, and the areas which they need to work on. Also your teacher can tell you how your child is doing compared to how we expect their knowledge and ability to be at their age.

They can also tell you how your child learns best. Maybe your child is a visual learner, or maybe the ideal way for them to learn is through manipulatives.

One excellent web site to use for your child is Khan Academy. This is an excellent resource regardless of their age (and even for you as a parent to expand your knowledge of maths 🙂 ). Here is the link:

Above all, remember that every child has their own unique developmental process, and that where they are right now in relation to their peers does not mean that this will be the same a year, or 5 years from now.

Thanks for reading!


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