Intensive English Program

There is an unlimited number of ways to learn languages. We know that every child is unique and learns in his/her own pace. Learning strategies must be tailored to every child to help him to be successful. Intensive English Program supports the students in English language development in order to help them to return back to their stream classes as soon as possible. The students acquire the language via educational games, exercises, and tools. Every student works on a different level of literature which contains the entire focus of the English language such as grammar, spelling, reading, writing, and comprehension.

Ms. Eva Gogova

Multitask activity-matching a word, a picture, and a color
Matching uppercase and lowercase alphabet letter activity
Reading, writing, and typing stories
Grammar Activity-Regular and Irregular Verbs
Alphabet Sounds Activity-“R” stands for a rattle snake
Alphabet Sound Activities- Letter Sound Identification

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