A Festive Phys Ed.

This heading may seem a strange one to most people. I’m sure when everyone thinks about PE they do not associate Christmas with it in anyway. I wanted the Kids to try to experience the fun that Christmas can give each child.

A “snowman” made by year 4 students in PE.

However I really had to think about how I could bring in some Christmas spirit into PE lessons. But I also needed to ensure that each task would be enjoyable for the full group. It was not going to be easy.

Year 6 students with their “snowman”

My first idea was to have students build their own snowman out of PE equipment. They began by building it flat upon the ground in a relay in teams. Once they had completed this they were challenged to build their snowman using PE equipment but to make it in a 3D format. This was a challenge that the kids had to work together to succeed. I have to say I was very impressed with their creativeness. They also used some of the fences or goals to help make their snowmen stand up.

The thing that I found funny was that the students used the same equipment for a lot of the same “body parts” yet they all had such different interpretations of what their own individual snowmen would look like.

Christmas tree relay: how it should look

Finally this week the year 7 students began by making their own snowmen. Following on from this they began to do a “Decorate a Christmas tree relay”. Most of you are probably wondering what that means. Let me explain. Line up the students in relay lines. One student per team is the tree and stands at the opposite end of gym from their team. All the equipment will be in a hoop at the front of their relay line.

Adela from MYP1 getting turned into a “Christmas Tree” in Physical Education Class

Then on your signal, the first person will take one piece of equipment (representing ornaments) and do a locomotor movement to their tree and put it on the tree. I have my trees hold their arms out horizontally. If an ornaments falls off, they cannot put it back on.

Sasha from MYP1 representing a “Christmas Tree” in Physical Education

When all the ornaments are on their tree, the game is over. Then we see how many ornaments were able to stay on the tree and then declare that team the winner. If the students are interested in doing it again then change the person who is the tree so that everyone has a chance.

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