The “Green pen” method

The color green is known for its positive and calming effects for our mind. It is not just a coincidence that green is suggested to be used by teachers while checking student’s work. 

While learning the difficult Slovak cursive letters in the Y2 class, we use a method known as  “The green pen” or “The green pencil.”  This method is used to highlight the correct shape of a letter or word that we are trying to learn. Comparing with the most traditional way to check the student’s work (red pen, rewriting students work, etc.), the green pen method is completely the opposite. Repeatedly correcting student’s written work might have a negative impact on their mindset when writing.

When using “the green pen” method, students are not focusing on making any mistakes, but they are focusing on writing it correctly again.

Basically, students are using their circled model letters as motivation to continually improve their writing.

After implementing this method in Y2, I noticed a difference in the student’s self-evaluation. They no longer ask me which letter is the “bad“ one or the “ugly” one but which one is their “best one”! To increase their positive motivation, they also compare their “best ones” with their classmate’s.

This method is very useful for young students who are starting to learn their letters.

You can also read about this method here:

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